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How Does NormaTec Compression Help Injury Recovery?

If you've had an injury, then you've heard of the acronym RICE.  This is the common prescription proven to facilitate healing of musculoskeletal injuries and stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  While all of these components are essential for tissue repair and injury recovery, some of them have been enhanced to make the recovery process even faster.

Rest and elevation can not be improved with technology, but technology has greatly enhanced cold therapy and compression therapy. We've already written extensively about Whole Body Cryotherapy as the most effective cold therapy (Top !0 Reasons to Try Cryotherapy), because cryotherapy is a vital component of how we get athletes back on the field.

Today we will dive into Compression therapy, and specifically NormaTec Compression therapy. Combine a physician bio-engineer + technology and the result is active, pneumatic pressure that creates a pumping effect at the injury site to provide several health benefits.

How Does Compression Therapy Accelerate Injury Recovery

NormaTec Pulse Compression employs compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with a patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.  The pulsating effect that mimics the body's natural muscular movements provides the following injury recovery benefits:

Less swelling - Inflammation and swelling are not only uncomfortable, they can also inhibit the healing process. Compression therapy is proven to help reduce swelling, especially in combination with cold therapy.Less edema - Excess fluid buildup can also slow down the healing process and inhibit range of motion. Compression combined with elevation can help reduce this excess fluid in the body.More nutrients - Compression helps stimulate the flow of lymph fluid, which carries vital nutrients, to the damaged tissues surrounding the injury. Lymph fluid is also important for removing waste from cells and body tissues, an important function during the tissue regeneration process.More oxygen - Compression helps improve blood flow, thereby enhancing the delivery of oxygen to damaged tissue.Faster tissue repair - The combination of reduced swelling and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the injury site enables more quicker tissue repair and injury recovery.

If you are trying to recover from an injury, you can greatly reduce your recovery time with cryotherapy + NormaTec compression therapy. There is no reason to let an injury sideline you longer than absolutely necessary--and now, with these technologies, necessary is much shorter!


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