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"Champion Cryotherapy is a game changer. My pursuits have taken a toll on me, but Champion Cryotherapy has helped me thrive again. They are a great group of people who care about you, they have the best therapies available, and there is a great community of people like me here. This place has been a Godsend for me."

Trent Dilfer

NFL Super Bowl Winning Quarterback

"My body feels brand new again. I discovered Champion Cryotherapy after surgery, which was great because they helped cut my recovery time in half. But even better, I no longer take Aleve for my chronic pain, I sleep well again, and I just feel normal again. Now I’m able to do all the things I most love to do!"

Michele R.

Cryo testimonial video

"My son Blake experienced energy boost & faster recovery with treatments before & after his football games at Champion Cryotherapy! Todd has a great facility & his staff is very knowledgeable."


​Brian Y.

"Great recovery boost at Champion Cryotherapy doing both the cryotherapy (cold!) and the NormaTec comprssion therapy. I think it worked well. Struggled with a 4-hour 68 mile bike ride yesterday morning, then did Cryotherapy and NormaTec. This morning I felt great for a 2-hour, 11-mile trail run!"

Dan R.

"I was skeptical, but my experience far exceeded my expectations. Not only was my typical post workout soreness dramatically reduced, but the cryotherapy significantly increased my energy and sense of well-being. I even experienced reduced fatigue associated with jetlag and long travel. I’ve incorporated cryotherapy as a regular component to my workouts and post travel recovery."


Brad M.

"My sport is powerlifting, so recovery from training is key as I get older. I didn't realize all the potential benefits of cryotherapy until I talked with the staff at Champion, outside of helping with aches and pains and recovery. I'm going through the recommended protocol, but I must say even after the first visit, I'm feeling more relaxed than I have in a while. Also I have this general feeling of well being, only after 3 minutes of being in the cryotherapy chamber."

"I was 100% ready to go..."

Spencer J.

Spencer Jones - cold laser

"I had not been able to run or workout since a knee injury cut my college volleyball career short. After getting cryotherapy treatments twice a week for three weeks, I’m now able to run and workout again--and do the things that make me feel happy. I love this place" 


Amanda T.

"Wow. What a difference Champion Cryotherapy has made in my recovery from workouts. I push myself hard but that often means I am in too much pain to work out on continuous days. But when I do cryo and compression therapy, I notice a huge difference and reduction in muscle aches. Not to mention the staff and facility is first class and always makes me feel like I'm their only client. Highly recommend Champion!" 


Lori P.

"I'm an avid road cyclist. I used their 'Squeeze and Freeze' treatment and felt significantly better and had better performance on the next day's ride. The staff is super awesome and the place itself is very comfortable and ideal for relaxing after a tough workout." 



"Todd Pendleton, the owner, is genuine and friendly as are his staff. They delight in helping you. After cryotherapy I felt invigorated, and the NormaTec compression massage was wonderfully relaxing. I slept better, my muscles were more relaxed, my joints less inflamed and my mood and focus was better, too! All that in just 30 minutes. I now treat myself once a week!"



"We went as a group for both Cryo and Normatec treatments after an athletic event. Champion Cryotherapy hands down has one of the best customer service experiences I've had! After doing cryotherapy the feeling is unbeatable!"



"I've had chronic back pain for years and after my cryo session it felt so good. It still feels good days later. They have an amazing staff that makes you feel comfortable the whole time. I plan to use cryo to manage my back pain!"



"I am a senior nursing student who struggles with focusing on my academics and stress. I used cryotherapy daily for four days during midterms and found the results extremely beneficial for my mental acuity/endurance and stress. I now use cryotherapy anytime I have intense academic demands or when I become stressed out. "


Sabrina L.

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