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Does Cryotherapy Reduce Inflammation?

You've probably heard about how professional athletes are flocking to whole body cryotherapy (WBC) to accelerate their recovery and help them perform at their maximum thresholds.  But were you aware that cryotherapy was developed by a Japanese rheumatologist to treat his patients suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis?


How does cryotherapy reduce inflammation?  As with many discoveries, the genius is in the natural and logical approach.  Cryotherapy simply activates your body's natural pain and inflammation fighters by tricking the brain.  As you chill for 3-minutes in a dry, cold air cryosauna, the air so rapidly cools your skin that your brain signals the circulatory system to shunt blood supply to the extremities in order to maintain core temperature.  This activates your cardiovascular system's natural cleansing process (removal of inflammatory enzymes and toxins) and replenishment process (restores oxygen, nutrients, red blood cells and anti-inflammatory enzymes).  After the 3-minute cryotherapy session your super-charged blood is now released to your extremities and brain.  Those anti-inflammatory enzymes, nutrients and red blood cells nourish inflamed joints, connective tissues and muscles, bring relief from pain and inflammation.


As we discussed in a prior Blog post, you need not fill your body with pharmaceuticals to find relief from pain and inflammation.  Our bodies have an amazing capacity to self-heal, so the trick is to find natural foods, natural supplements, and natural therapies which activate those self-healing mechanisms.

Cold therapies like whole body cryotherapy, light therapies like low level laser therapy (LLLT), soft tissue therapies like HyperIce vibration and massage therapies all activate your body's self-healing mechanisms--without any side effects.

You can find relief from chronic pain and inflammation without pharmaceuticals.  Treat your body naturally--you deserve it!



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