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Can You Really Freeze Yourself Fit?

Can you really freeze yourself fit?  Or freeze the pain that burdens you?

The Dallas Mavericks did when they won their NBA Championship in 2011, calling it their “secret weapon.”

Usain Bolt did during his quest for gold in 2012, using it to relieve a back injury.

LeBron did—and still does—calling it his “secret to longevity.”

Michael Phelps did and won numerous Gold Medals.

Floyd Mayweather did and scored numerous KO’s and boxing championships.

Cristiano Ronaldo does and scores numerous soccer goals.

Jordan Spieth does and wins numerous PGA golf tourneys.

The Denver Broncos do and won a Lombardi trophy.

Even nationally acclaimed orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who repairs the knees of elite professional athletes, does it—and he even endorses it.

And now countless college athletic departments and pro sports franchises are installing these in the training facilities, having realized the competitive advantage it gives their athletes.

So I tried it, and now I can play with my sons again.  At half-a-hundred years old, I could not do what I most loved doing—playing sports with my sons.  I was becoming the old man who couldn’t. After dealing with shoulders that couldn’t throw without pain, I am now once throwing with my sons.

Imagine you are playing your favorite sport again . . . you are moving without pain . . .you are sleeping without tossing . . . you are focused and energetic . . . you are burning more calories from an increased metabolic rate . . . you are even getting compliments about your younger looking complexion.  That’s what I experienced for myself.

Is it the Holy Grail?  No, it’s a divine chill called whole body cryotherapy (WBC).

What is WBC?  Quite simply, WBC is a Rheumatologist-invented, research-proven cold therapy which stimulates your body’s pain and inflammation fighters.  Chill in a cold air sauna for 3 minutes, and your body activates its natural restorative process.  The results are relief from pain and inflammation, accelerated muscle recovery, boosted energy levels and vitality, increased metabolic rate, enhanced complexion and overall elevated well-being.  In a word, it's G-E-N-I-U-S.

Champions chill for one reason—it works.  Now you, too, can thrive again just by chilling!


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