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We are excited to have the Lamborghini of Red Light Therapy!  Twenty minutes in our bed could take you a whole month with using other lights to get the same benefit plus other lights might not have the most beneficial wavelengths.  Exposure to Red and Near-infrared light is a relaxing and non-thermal (cool) session with multiple wavelengths of light (red 635nm, invisible 810nm, 850nm & 940nm). Photons (light) are absorbed by the cell which reduces aging from damaging free radicals to restore energy production at the cellular level. When this is achieved, inflammation is reduced and the healing of wounds, tendons, muscles and nerves is encouraged.


These beds offer a slew of benefits including:

  • Reduces Signs of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, & Age Spots

  • Improves Acne and Scars

  • Minimizes Stretch Marks and Cellulite

  • Reduces Muscle Pain and Inflammation

  • Improves Skin Coloration and Complexion

  • Improves Blood Circulation

  • Reduces Nerve Pain

  • Tightens Skin

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