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Designed by a neuroscientist, the NeuFit neuromuscular therapy is a true game-changer. This therapy allows us to identify and resolve pain origins and muscular dysfunction, which means we can reduce injury risk and injury recovery time AND we can maximize your athletic performance.

  • Assesses and Resolves Injury Risk

  • Accelerates Injury and Post-Op Recovery

  • Identifies and Reprograms Neuromuscular Dysfunction

  • Amplifies Capacity to Activate Strength, Speed and Power

  • Maximizes Your Athletic Performance

How Can The NeuFit System Help?


NeuFit is a system that combines state of the art electrical stimulation with specific movement protocols. The NeuFit technology is in an FDA approved, electrical muscle stimulation device called the NEUBIE. What makes this device unique is that it mimics our own neurological signaling and it stimulates muscular relaxation. When pain and/or injury (including weakness and/or tightness) are present, the nervous system inhibits muscle function (strength, speed, range of motion).

With the NeuFit technology, we can pinpoint, specifically, which muscles are being inhibited, and we can remove that inhibition through rehabilitative movement and stimulation from the device. As a result, we see increases in muscular strength, range of motion, and significant decreases in pain.

Injury Rehabilitation

Many athletic injuries happen because of poor neuromuscular control, meaning deficits in strength and coordination. The body encounters force in every moment, with every move it makes. And the muscles have to be pliable enough to absorb that force and protect the rest of the body. If your muscles are working correctly, they can protect you from injury in most cases. However, when muscles don't absorb force correctly, that force is transferred to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc. and may cause damage to those tissues. Since those muscles are controlled by your nervous system, we know that ultimately these injuries come back to inappropriate neurological activation patterns.  Using the NeuFit System, we can provide research proven effective method of re-education, which helps optimize the function of the appropriate muscles. This neuromuscular re-education also stimulates increased blood flow and other physiological adaptations, symptoms are often resolved more quickly than they otherwise would. Research also shows that EMS can help stroke victims in their rehabilitation.

Improve Performance


Athletic Performance is very dependent on the nervous system. Above all else, your brain prioritizes survival and wants to be sure you live to see tomorrow. That often means “putting on the brakes,” and limiting your performance to ensure that you don’t get injured and threaten survival. What does this actually mean? It means that targeted, neurological interventions can make a difference. In the NeuFit System, we use strategic mobility drills, neurological re-education with the NEUBIE, large doses of eccentric movement to train the muscles to become more pliable and absorb force, and other unique exercises and techniques that amplify your ability to perform at a high level.

Reduce Pain


With modern advances in science, we now know a lot more about pain than ever before. Pain is not actually experienced in the body, but in the brain. It is an active output signal from the brain, generated in response to perceived threat - not necessarily damage. And it is an attempt to make you change your behavior to move away from a threat. Sometimes it is acute pain because of a real injury. However, sometimes pain lingers even after an injury has healed on its own or been surgically repaired. Or it happens for other reasons, independent of any actual injury or damage. Along with the NEUBIE's ability to manage acute and chronic pain, the NeuFit System can help get to the root of where the pain is coming from.

How Does NeuFit Electrical Stimulation Differ from TENS or EMS

The NEUBIE is the unique, patented electrical stimulation device within the NeuFit System. It uses pulsed direct current (DC) as opposed to alternating current (AC); it has unique effects on the body's tissues to promote healing; and it has unique effects on the nervous system that, when combined with the NeuFit System, allows practitioners to provide a meaningful dose of neuromuscular re-education. 


Using DC is important, because it has numerous, positive biological effects. DC fields have been shown to accelerate the body’s own physiological processes of healing, repair, and regeneration, (1-6) and to have unique effects on the nervous/neuromuscular system. (6-9) Although this has been known for a long time, most devices out there are alternating current (AC). These devices are cheaper and easier to engineer, and most people don’t know the difference. Unfortunately, they won’t have anywhere near the same effect at the cellular level.


In addition to having positive effects on tissues, the NEUBIE is used along with the NeuFit System for neuromuscular re-education. The NeuFit system is based on new research showing that electrical stimulation can affect reflex patterns, (10-13) brain activity, (14-17) muscle output, (18-19) and pain. (20-22) 


Treatments with the NEUBIE and NeuFit System are active rather than passive. Traditional e-stim treatments have patients lying down, passively accepting the current and not moving. In contrast, the DC signal of the NEUBIE actually permits movement, even at therapeutic levels of stimulation. This allows for optimal, eccentric contractions, which research is proving to be a major factor in effective rehabilitation (23-25).

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